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Cornell COVID Caseload Calculator with
Capacity and Ventilators (C5V Online*)

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Physicians, COVID-19 responders and hospital administrators need tools to estimate hospital caseloads and critical resource projections in a structured way. The C5V Caseload Calculator is such a tool. It provides hospital or hospital system projections for medical-surgical and ICU bed and ventilator requirements for an outbreak of a specified type, catchment area and time period.
The value of the C5V calculator is to better anticipate, plan for - and thereby improve - the survival rate of all patients entering a specified healthcare facility or system for treatment.
To run the model, user inputs include an actual or estimated age-structured catchment population; overall infection rate; percent (a)symptomatic cases; symptomatic case hospitalization and critical care ratios (starting from CDC estimates) and the shape and projected peak day of epidemic curve. The latter two may be sourced from epidemiological models (e.g., Oxford-Cornell COVID International or IHME), and checked by day-to-day correlation with actual hospital admission rates for medical-surgical and critical care beds.
The C5V calculator is designed for ease-of-use and scalability from a single hospital to multi-hospital networks, and to regional, state and national healthcare systems.
* MS/Excel® spreadsheet version also available: Cornell COVID Caseload Calculator C5V.

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Version 2.0 of the C5V Calculator is in development; it will consider consumables including PPE (gloves, gowns, masks, etc.), dialysis machines and other critical supplies and equipment.
For questions regarding C5V usage, to report problems, or to suggest modifications and enhancements, please call or email:
Walt Beadling
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